Welcome to PPPL Travel and Conference Compliance

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All individuals who travel on behalf of PPPL, regardless of funding source, can find all requirements, essential forms and helpful tips here. Official laboratory travel must be properly authorized, conducted, reported and reimbursed in accordance with these requirements.

Your Responsibilities

  • It is your responsibility, as a traveler or authorizer,  to comply and become familiar with the PPPL Travel Manual.
  • The decision to travel should be made only after all other cost-effective options (e.g. email, audio/web/video conferencing) have been carefully considered.
  • All travel must be documented and approved prior to beginning your trip.
  • Receipts are required for all expenses $50 or over.
  • You are responsible for canceling your own travel reservations.

PPPL Travel and Conference Step by Step

Step 1:
Get Authorization

Step: 2
Make Reservations

Step 3:
Take Your Trip

Step 4:
Get Reimbursed