Attend A Conference

Is Your Event a Conference?

conferenceDOE defines a conference as a meeting, retreat, seminar, symposium, workshop, or event that involves attendee travel. A conference is generally organized for the purpose of facilitating a discussion or exchange of views on matters related to the mission of DOE. The key element for a conference is the sharing of information.

Events, meetings and traveling where you are solely doing work are not conferences. (e.g., traveling to another lab to conduct an experiment or decide on how a DOE project should be managed is considered “work” and not a conference). 

A formal conference often includes, but is not limited to:
  • Multiple Agency and/or non-governmental involvement
  • Registration
  • Registration fees
  • Published substantive agenda
  • Scheduled speakers or discussion panels.

Individual events may qualify as conferences without meeting all of the criteria listed above, but will generally meet some of them.  Some training events may qualify as conferences for the purposes of this guidance, particularly if they take place in a hotel or conference center.

Contact the PPPL Travel Office if you need help determining whether your event is a conference or not.