New Hire Relocation FAQ

Relocation travel applies on a case by case basis to those eligible new hires or existing transferring employees who relocate a distance of 50 miles or more from their present home, move within the first year of hire, and have an expectation of remaining in their position for longer than one year.  Relocation details are provided in individual relocation agreements. For more details regarding relocation moving allowance, please contact PPPL Human Resources (HR) Department.

No travel or moving arrangements should be made prior to receiving a written offer of employment from HR Department. The written offer letter is the official offer. The offer of employment must be accepted in writing before initiating any travel or moving arrangements. 

Travel/Moving FAQs

How will I receive the relocation information? HR will provide a relocation agreement outlining the eligible moving and relocation travel expenses. The relocation agreement will need to be signed and returned to HR.

When may I begin making travel arrangements? Upon receipt of the signed relocation agreement, you will be contacted by the Hiring Department to discuss your relocation travel needs, including the appropriate methods of transportation, lodging, etc. The Hiring Department will submit a relocation travel request on your behalf to PPPL Travel Office.  Once the relocation travel request is reviewed and processed, you will receive notification to proceed with making your travel arrangements.

When should I contact a moving company? Once you have signed and returned the offer letter and the relocation agreement, you can begin making arrangements for shipping your household goods.

Can I use a moving company other than the one listed in the relocation agreement? If you choose to use another moving company other than the PPPL approved moving company provided in the relocation agreement, you will have to pay for the shipment and file for reimbursement. Only the PPPL approved moving company listed have the authority to bill the Laboratory directly for the cost of the shipment. The cost charged to you will be compared to the cost that would have been charged to the Laboratory by the approved moving company and the lesser of the two is what will be reimbursed to you.  A quote from the PPPL approved moving company must be obtained for cost comparison purposes.  PPPL HR Department will provide the final moving approval before the moving process can begin. 

Relocation Reimbursement FAQs

How will I be reimbursed? When you arrive at PPPL and have received your badge, you will need to contact your Departmental Admin and make an appointment to complete the reimbursement forms. Please bring all of your receipts with you. The reimbursement form will need to be approved by the cognizant signature authority. 

How long will it take for me to be reimbursed? Once the form is approved, your reimbursement information will be provided to the Accounting Division for payment review and processing. This process could take up to three weeks.

Can any of the relocation expenses be prepaid? Generally PPPL prepays for airfare, temporary lodging, and moving/storage of household goods.  M&IE and miscellaneous expenses are reimbursed with appropriate receipts. 

Why do I have to pay taxes on expenses I have already been taxed on? The taxes charged to you by hotels, airlines, rental car companies, etc. are sales taxes.  All relocation expenses are considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). PPPL is required to report these costs on your W-2 as imputed income for tax purposes.  Princeton University Payroll will include the relocation expenses as imputed income in your regular paycheck.  

*NOTE* International tax treaties do not cover relocation expenses. 

How do I account for those taxes at the end of the year? You will need to contact a tax professional for assistance with your tax return. Refer to IRS Publication 521, Moving Expenses.

How long do I have to submit my expenses for reimbursement? All expenses must be submitted to the Accounting Division within 30 calendar days from of the end of your relocation period.

Who is considered an eligible family member? A spouse, children who continue to live with you and are your legal dependents. 

How are the meal and lodging rates determined? The meal and lodging rates each day are determined by the lodging location. Both the meal and lodging rates are based on the rate established by US General Services Administration (GSA). Those rates can be found at the GSA Per Diem Rates page.  For more information, please refer to the PPPL HR Moving Allowance Policy.

Will I be reimbursed for transporting my pets? Costs for transporting pets are non-reimbursable.

Can the temporary living period be extended? Any request for extensions should be submitted to the HR Department.