Non-Employee Travel

For those traveling at the request of PPPL

Non-employees are those individuals who are not laboratory employees, but whose travel is being reimbursed, partially or in full, by laboratory funds. Non-employees are usually Invited Guests, Retirees or Interviewees. 

  • Non-employees traveling at the Laboratory's request may be reimbursed for their travel costs and expenses.
  • A Travel Approval Form must be completed and signed by an account signatory. 
  • In addition to complying with the PPPL Travel Guidelines, the following special guidelines will apply.

Non-Employees Defined

Invited Guests

Invited guests are usually professional individuals who travel on behalf of PPPL for a short period of time to present a lecture, attend a meeting, participate in research, or conduct some other type of business that is beneficial to the laboratory. Travel is usually completed in less than thirty days. If an Invited Guest is traveling under a consultant agreement with the laboratory, the funding department is advised to contact the Procurement Office to ensure that travel expenses have been authorized as a part of the agreement.


Retirees are former PPPL employees who travel on behalf of PPPL to lend their expertise to research, a meeting or any other type of business valuable to PPPL.  During the pre-approval process, the retiree is responsible for completing a TAF and obtaining appropriate cost center approval


Interviewees are candidates for open positions at the laboratory which have been posted by the Human Resources Department.  

  1. Travel expenses incurred for employment interviews are authorized, when necessary, to recruit key personnel for work positions at PPPL.
  2. The Hiring Manager is responsible for completing a TAF and obtaining appropriate cost center approval.
  3. To receive payment, interviewees and visitors must respond to Princeton University's Supplier Management System(link is external) email request.